Turkish Airlines "Great Move" was successfully completed

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On 5 and 6 March, for the duration of 45 hours, the largest logistical and operational move in the history of modern commercial aviation took place. All logistics were moved from Ataturk International Airport to the new Istanbul Airport.

At the same time, Turkish Airlines also had to move the entire fleet of commercial aircraft. We remind you that, starting with 6 in April, Ataturk International Airport has been closed for passenger traffic.

"The Great Move" Turkish Airlines

According to official Turkish Airlines information, The Great Move was achieved in proportion of 96% with 12 hours earlier than the set time.

The 10 000 parts, in total weight of 47 000 tons, were transported with over 700 trucks.

Officially, from 6 April 2019, Turkish Airlines has its operational base at the New Istanbul Airport. It is intended to be the largest airport in the world, but it will take some time until it reaches its maximum capacity.


New Istanbul Airport is a $ 11 billion dollar project that will be developed in 4 stages.

Through 2025, with the completion of the 4 development phases, the new Istanbul Airport will have a capacity of 200 of millions of passengers.

There will be 6 runways, 4 terminals, 1 air traffic control tower and 8 ground traffic control towers, parking for 500 aircraft.

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