Growing civil aviation industry - Airbus introduces concept aircraft (video)

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In 2010, Airbus launched the project "The Future by Airbus" and, in the two years, interacted with over 1.75 million people in 192 countries, at various events, congresses and online.

The results are impressive and even optimistic. 63% of participants worldwide said they would like to travel more. About 60% confessed that social media, mass-media, social networks will not replace people's desire to interact face-to-face, and that involves movement. 93% want airplanes that are more reliable and environmentally friendly.

Charles Champion, Airbus Executive Vice President Engineer, said that aviation can be considered a true World Wide Web. The world has woven an impressive network of flights that generate social and economic growth. The aviation industry means 57 million jobs, 35% of world trade and 2.2 billion of world GDP annually.

People's wishes led to the creation of a concept aircraft. Airbus introduced it on the eve of the Farnborough International Airshow.

This is how the 2050 aircraft of the year might look, maybe even the 2030, if the technology continues to develop at the same speed as before. People want aircraft with low fuel consumption, low carbon emissions and quiet. Some rely on 100% recyclable aircraft.

Airbus is investing huge amounts in research and development. Look for solutions to make airplanes as reliable and environmentally friendly as possible. This is how the new models like Airbus A380, A320, A320neo and even the new A350 XWB appeared (more space on board and more powerful engines, but with 25% lower fuel consumption).

Globally, the aviation industry has reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by 70%, and noise by 75% over the past 40 years.

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