The holiday destinations preferred by Romanians in 2021 remain those in Europe

1 985, the largest online travel agency in Romania, has conducted an analysis of Romanians' travel intentions for 2021, trends in the tourism industry and the fears of Romanian tourists. The study was conducted by Mercury Research in early February, on a sample of 616 respondents and confirms the European Commission's direction to ease pressure on the tourism industry by issuing a "green certificate" that will allow immunized people to travel without restrictions.

That's how I found out that Romanians want to travel in 2021, but are afraid of isolation and flight cancellations. The fear of COVID-19 is on the 3rd place. But in this article we discuss a little about the preferences of Romanians.

Despite the fact that the pandemic has hit hard in many European countries, and travel restrictions are still in place for most destinations on the continent, the destinations preferred by Romanians in 2021 remain those in Europe. These preferences are more common among young people. Romania is on the second place in the top of holiday destinations for 2021, this being rather the choice of those over 45 years old.

Realistically speaking, Romania is not really in second place. Romanians will also choose the famous ones in 2021 resorts in Antalya, the islands of Greece or resorts in Bulgaria. The Romanian seaside will be in the top of the preferences of those who do not yet want to risk abroad. As in previous years, Romania will be ideal for weekend tourism.

In terms of accommodation options, most prefer hotels and guesthouses, and as a means of transport the bus and plane, followed by train and personal car. There are, therefore, important changes compared to last summer, when Romanians preferred to spend the night in apartments or boarding houses with a small number of rooms, or to rent villas for small groups, to travel by car.

In 2021, 78% of Romanians say it is important for them to turn to a travel agency even if they declare themselves independent travelers

Given the recent changes in travel conditions around the world and the uncertain and unclear situations to which tourists are sometimes exposed then, or the cumbersome processes of reimbursing money in the event of non-travel for reasons beyond their control, 53% of Romanians have stated that, compared to other years, it is just as important in 2021 to receive assistance and information from a tourism consultant, and 25% consider it even more important than before to turn to a travel agency.

In conclusion, the COVID-19 pandemic made Romanians return to travel agencies, fearing canceled flights or the impossibility of traveling.

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