The inaugural flight at the opening of Brașov Airport: Bucharest – Brașov with TAROM!

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From June 15, state border at Ghimbav Airport. The first official landing will be of a Tarom plane that will bring the officials from the Capital, he announces

The Brașov County Council is preparing a real festival in the two days that will mark the opening of the airport. Beside concerts with Ștefan Bănică Jr, Zdob and Zdub or Raluka, there will be air shows, laser shows, fireworks. People will also be able to visit some sections of the airport and watch live broadcasts from aircraft or the control tower.

The president of Brașov Regional Council, Adrian Veștea, stated that the second stage of the airport's inauguration will take place on June 15, when regular flights will also land. The inaugural moment will be the landing of a TAROM plane with 72 seats, which will bring officials from Bucharest. For now, the names of the participants are not known, but invitations have been sent to both the prime minister and the president.

From June 15, entry into the airport will be subject to security filters from such an objective, and a number of areas will be closed to the public. Starting June 15, Dan Air intends to fly from Brașov to destinations: Brussels, Munich, Nuremberg, Stuttgart, London Gatwick, Barcelona. 

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