The JT610 case may provide clues about MH370

Investigators were able to recover much of the wreckage resulting from the crash of the 737 MAX 8 Lion Air. At the same time, they provide clues about the missing plane in the case of MH370 flight.

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On 29 October 2018, aBoeing 737 MAX 8 (PK-LQP) Lion Air crashed into the sea shortly after takeoff. The plane operated flight J610, on the route Jakarta - Pangkal Pinang. There were 189 souls on board, including 2 babies and 1 child. As a result of the plane crash, everyone on board lost their lives.

Authorities have managed to recover much of the wreckage, including passenger goods. The black box FDR (flight data recorder), which can provide valuable information about the technical parameters during the flights recorded during the last 69 hours, was also recovered. Thus, investigators can analyze the flight preceding the plane crash, but also the bad flight.

JT610 may provide clues about MH370

Voices from the investigation say that how the 737 MAX 8 crashed and the resulting debris may provide important clues as to the case is NOT, the most mysterious disappearance of a passenger plane.

Specifically, it is assumed that the Boeing 737 MAX 8 hit the water hard, resulting in numerous small debris, but also larger segments of the aircraft, as can be seen from the image - part of the landing gear and the central body of a motor. Currently, the recuperators have to face strong currents at only 30-40 meters depth, which makes the mission more difficult. So far, one diver has lost his life.

If we extrapolate the 737 MAX Lion Air case over the MH370 case, we can conclude that the Boeing 777-200 crashed into the ocean at high speed. As a result of the impact with water, numerous debris resulted, which became widespread due to ocean waves and currents.

At the same time, important pieces of the aircraft have plunged to depths that exceed hundreds of meters and are difficult to spot. This explains why air searches did not work, as well as underwater searches did not produce the desired result. Probably, if the exact location of the Boeing 777-200 (MH370) crash was determined, the bells could detect the wreckage.

Until now, the MH370 case remains a mystery to investigators, and the JT610 case must be resolved.

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