The large number of flights and routes from Iasi puts pressure on the ground infrastructure!

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With the transition to the summer 2023 schedule in aviation, passenger air traffic is also increasing. This new flow of travelers puts pressure on everything that means ground infrastructure, and Iași airport faces a serious problem when it comes to the access road from / to the airport.

In addition, since last month Ryanair started operating its first flights from Iasi (28 weekly segments), the frequencies of 9 Wizz Air flights have been supplemented, and two new Wizz routes have recently been inaugurated: Berlin and Istanbul.

Gradually, charter/seasonal flights to more holiday destinations will be introduced. Currently, at Iași Airport there are five airlines serving permanent routes to 25 destinations (24 international and one domestic).

Over 1.7 million passengers in Iasi

"In the last 12 months, traffic at Iasi Airport reached 1,7 million passengers. The processing infrastructure is the same. We also had 1,500 passengers in a very tight time slot, given that the maximum processing capacity in the T3 terminal is 320 passengers/peak hour. The traffic will be intense, there will be days with 50 flights each, which will require a huge effort from our employees and collaborators.

We will approach a new series of measures to optimize passenger flows and streamline car traffic, with the support of the competent institutions with which we recently held discussions. We have to adapt to the ever increasing traffic until the completion of the new terminal (T4), the expansion of the car park and the reconfiguration of the access ways in front of the terminals.

We are also considering supplementing the staff at the airport, and in this sense new employment competitions will be organized. Regarding increasing car connectivity with the Airport, the access road from Aroneanu, which will be built by the County Council, is in the design stage, and in parallel, steps are being taken at the municipal level for a new road to Tătărași-Sud", announced the General Director of RA Iași Airport.

Passengers can use public transport

The recommendation for passengers in Iași is to use public transport and leave their personal cars at home. Bus line 50 of the Public Transport Company, taxi and ride-sharing services can be used. Otherwise, there is a risk that on certain days there will not be enough free spaces in the car park, the capacity of which was reduced with the organization of the construction site for the new terminal.

Also, taking into account that the traffic will be difficult towards the airport during certain time slots, the advice of the authorities for all passengers is to go at least 2,30 h - 3 h before take-off, thus ensuring that they will have enough time for the control security and document verification.

It will be a difficult time, but all these problems will be eliminated with the completion of the development project: the new terminal (T4), designed for 3,3 million passengers annually. The terminal is on the schedule, and in the next period the works will start for the expansion of the car park and the reconfiguration of the access ways in front of the terminals.

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