Satu Mare Airport could be upgraded

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The Satu Mare airport will benefit from investments of about 16 million. The runway and the terminal are being modernized. The president of the Satu Mare County Council, Adrian Ştef, said at a press conference on Monday that he wanted to develop the airport, which "Can become an important gateway to the county", both in terms of tourism and the economic area, by introducing freight transport, informs Agerpres.

He pointed out that in 2012 it was possible to make important investments, such as the purchase of two buses for the transport of passengers, a vehicle intended for patrol activities to increase airport security, a gasoline feeder for aviation, as well as carrying out studies, capital projects, works and repairs. Among the objectives for 2013 are the modernization of the airport infrastructure, the extension of the airport and the equipment and equipment.


The management of the institution wants to purchase a "track continuous friction measurement" equipment, a safety control equipment (RX + LAG), a safety control development equipment (UPS). At the same time, it is desired to repair the perimeter road, build a hangar for equipment, restore the technological access road to the runway and buy a snow removal machine.

The project for the extension of the Airport provides the reconfiguration of the access in the departure area, the accomplishment of a line of minimum 4 check-in desks, the extension of the boarding room to a capacity of 200 of seats, the creation of a new VIP lounge.

The project to extend the Terminal amounts to 3,78 million lei, excluding VAT, the financing being provided from the budget of the County Council, and the repair of the runway will be done through a European project carried out by the Ministry of Transport, the value being 15 million. The works must be completed by the end of the 2014 year.

Nothing was mentioned about attracting new operators, but it is not excluded. Currently, only TAROM operates to Satu Mare with a frequency of 5 weekly flights according to the schedule displayed on the Satu Mare airport website.

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