Biggest Boeing 747 RC (radio remote control) (Photo)

On September 30 2018, Boeing 747 has celebrated 50 years since the first assembly. To mark this moment, Andrew Herzfeld (51 years) built a Boeing 747 RC (radio remote control).

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Are you curious to see what the largest Boeing 747 RC (radio remote control) looks like in the world? It was made by the Australian Andrew Herzfeld (51 years). It is built on 1 / 12 scale and painted in Boeing livery. It is slightly larger than the 1 / 13 built in 2015, which is painted in the Virgin Atlantic livery.

Andrew Herzfeld has a passion for RC aircraft, and this Boeing 747 RC is the highlight of the hobby. Boeing 747, also known as "queen of the sky", has always fascinated Herzfeld. Andrew Herzfeld said: "It's amazing how a plane of this size, weighing over 360 tonnes, can fly."

The largest Boeing 747 RC

Boeing RC-747-747-2-Qantas


Boeing RC-747-747-3-Qantas

The largest Boeing 747 RC has 5,6 m length, 5,2 m width and a weight of 65 kg. To highlight it, Andrew Herzfeld lauded it and took it to an airport. He was photographed alongside a Boeing 747 Qantas and crew.

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