Latest flights with Fokker 70 KLM, on 28 October 2017

On 28 October 2017 will end the 97 years of partnership between KLM and Fokker. The last flights with Fokker 70 will be operated on the route Amsterdam - London, by chance. The story in the article!

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KLM decided to give up the aircraft Fokker 70, who were part of the fleet KLM Cityhopper. These were replaced by new aircraft Embraer E175 + and Embraer E190.

Latest flights with Fokker 70 KLM

We know that many of you are fans of Fokker aircraft. If you would like to fly aboard a Fokker 70 KLM, you still have time to fly it to 28 October 2017 on the following flights:

DUS - Düsseldorf KL1862 arrive at Amsterdam 19.05
NWI- Norwich KL1512 arrive at Amsterdam 19.15
HAJ - Hannover KL1912 arrive at Amsterdam 19.15
BRU - Brussels KL1732 arrive at Amsterdam 19.15
LUX - Luxembourg KL1746 arrive at Amsterdam 19.35
LHR - London KL1070 arrive at Amsterdam 20.30
(local hour)

You can book a seat on board a Fokker 70 on the site It is no coincidence that the last Fokker 70 flight in the KLM Cityhopper livery will be from London to Amsterdam.

The partnership between Fokker and KLM began in 1920, shortly after the Dutch carrier began operations. 2 Fokker II aircraft entered the fleet, with the codes H-NABC and H-NABD. On September 15, 1920, they began flying to London. The last flight operated with Fokker 70 on the route London - Amsterdam, on October 28, 2017, will close the circle.

As I told you above, the Fokker 70 aircraft were gradually replaced by the new Embraer E175 + and Embraer E190.

These new aircraft facilitate the expansion of the existing network, contribute to more frequencies, all at lower costs. Through this modernization, KLM Cityhopper will operate more efficiently and more environmentally, the quality and comfort of the passengers being top priorities.

Goodbye, Fokker 70 KLM Cityhopper!

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