The latest McDonnell Douglas DC-10 will be retired from operational service on 20 February 2014

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20 February 2014 is a sad day for Biman Bangladesh Airlines, but also for model lovers McDonnell Douglas DC-10. The last DC-10 aircraft will be retired from operational service after approximately 44 years after the first flight. 446 units were built during the 1968-1988 period.

The last regular flight of a McDonnell Douglas DC-10 passenger will be operated on Thursday, February 20, when 2014 BG1015 will take off at 08: 30 from Dhaka heading to Birmingham, UK. The flight is operated via Kuwait and will land at its destination at 16: 20. The price of a ticket for a window seat cost 600 pounds, the rest of the seats being sold at 500 pounds.

Biman Bangladesh Airlines has also posted a series of rules for the last commercial flight operated by DC-10 on the Dhaka-Birmingham route.

On February 22,23, 24 and 09, the plane will take off from the ground for demonstration flights at Birmingham Airport. Flights with an average duration of one hour will be operated at 00:12, 00:15 and 00:150. Rates are £ 100 for a window seat and £ 24 for the other seats. The last demonstration flight is scheduled for February 15 at 00pm, and tickets are a little more expensive - £ 200 for a window seat and £ 150 for the rest.

Dhaka - Hong Kong with DC-10 Biman Bangladesh Airlines

I looked over the booking schedule and there are very few places for demonstration flights, those from the window being sold out.

Biman Bangladesh Airlines will replace McDonnell Douglas DC-10 aircraft with the new Boeing 777-300ER.

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