The latest Boeing 767 British Airways aircraft were withdrawn (Photo)

On 26 November 2018, Boeing 767 stage ended at British AIrways. The latest aircraft have been withdrawn from the commercial service and will be transferred to St Athan in Wales.

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For each plane, there comes a time when it must be withdrawn from commercial service. The main reason is the costs, then the reliability and the technological level with which it is equipped. Thus, on 26 November 2018, the latest Boeing 767 British Airways aircraft were withdrawn from the fleet.

After 28 years and over 425 000 of flights recorded by Boeing 767-300ER aircraft, British Airways decided to retire. These have been replaced by new, more modern, more reliable and comfortable Boeing 787 aircraft.

The latest Boeing 767 British Airways aircraft

The stage of the Boeing 767-300ER aircraft in the British Airways fleet began in February 1990, with the first flight on the London - Paris route. Subsequently, the aircraft were also used on flights to Frankfurt (over 15000 flights), Abu Dhabi, Calgary and New York.

Although we are talking about a widebody aircraft, which normally flies over long distances, some 767 BA aircraft have also been used on short flights to Athens and Larnaca, but also on domestic routes in the UK.

As mentioned above, British Airways has decided to replace the 767-300ER with the modern 787-8 / 9. And from 2019, it will also receive the first Airbus A350 family aircraft. They are much quieter and more reliable. They are much more economically efficient, but they also pollute less.

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The latest Boeing 767 British Airways retired was the registered G-BZHA model. He started working on 1998. In the 20 years of activity, it collected about 23 000 of flights, of which 1275 of flights were from / to Athens and about 900 of flights were from / to Larnaca. It is estimated that this aircraft carried approximately 4 million passengers.

Going beyond the excitement of the moment, we must mention it is natural for a plane to be withdrawn when it no longer finds its place in the company's fleet or when it is no longer efficient.

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