Longest and shortest flights with Boeing 787 Dreamliner (Video)

RANDY TINSETH posted on Boeing's blog a short story about Boeing 787 Dreamliner flights. The article appeared after the launch of the Perth - London route, which is operated by Qantas.

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On the 24-25 weekend of March 2018, Qantas wrote a tab in the aviation history book through launch of direct flights Perth - London. They are honored with Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft.

Boeing 787 Dreamliner flights

I watched with excitement the opening of this route. For the first time in aviation history, Australia is linked by direct flight to the UK / Europe. We hope to see more direct flights between Australia and Europe.

A few hours after this inauguration, Boeing delivered the first 787-10 Dreamliner from the history of the company. The aircraft arrived in the Singapore Airlines fleet. It is the largest aircraft in the Dreamliner family, being able to carry more passengers than the smaller siblings, all at much more advantageous costs for airlines.

And as a general recap, from 2011 to date, over 640 of Boeing Dreamliner aircraft have carried over 230 of millions of passengers on 680 of unique routes worldwide.

Obviously, direct flights are the most advantageous for passengers, but also for airlines. Qantas is confident that it will be a profitable route and passengers will choose to travel directly, despite the fact that the flight takes over 17 hours (non-stop).

Whether operating very long flights, about 14500 kilometers, or very short only 127 kilometers, Boeing 787 Dreamliner is an efficient and profitable aircraft. By the way, Boeing is preparing to assemble the 700 Dreamliner.

The busiest routes, the longest and the shortest flights operated with Dreamliner

Among the most popular routes operated with Dreamliner, we find the routes: Hanoi - Ho Chi Minh (about 1100 kilometers / Boeing 787-8 Vietnam Airlines / 62 of flights weekly); Beijing - Shanghai (about 1060 kilometers / Boeing 787-9 Air China / 35 of flights weekly); Chicago - London (approximately 6350 kilometers / Boeing 787-8 American Airlines / 28 of flights weekly).

Among the longest flights operated with Dreamliner, we find the routes: Perth - London / 14498 miles / Boeing 787-9 Qantas; San Francisco - Singapore / NO THOUSANDS / Boeing 787-9 United.

Among the shortest flights operated with Dreamliner, we find the routes: Amman - Tel Aviv / NO THOUSANDS / Boeing 787-8 Royal Jordanian; Malabo - Douala / NO THOUSANDS / Boeing 787-8 Ethiopian Airlines.

As you can see, airlines have started to focus more and more on modern, new aircraft with 2 engines. The aim is to make air operations more efficient, but also to increase passenger comfort.

It is interesting to watch what will happen on the aircraft construction market, especially since Airbus has launched the A321LR, which can fly up to 7400 kilometers.

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