The longest ski slope in Romania is six kilometers long and is called Semenic-Văliug!

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The Semenic-Văliug slope, from Caraş-Severin county, has a length of six kilometers and medium difficulty. It is the longest ski slope in Romania.

On the 24th of January, on the Little Union, the ski lovers from the West of the country will have at their disposal one of the most spectacular slopes in the country: Semenic-Văliug. The longest route is six kilometers long, which means that it is the longest slope in the country, after the 4,6-kilometer one from Poiana Braşov.

The ski slopes on Semenic start at an altitude of 1.410 meters, and the longest route descends to the village of Văliug, at Casa Baraj. After the descent, the boarding can be done only with the buses provided by Resita City Hall.

The Semenic-Văliug slope has been used by skiers in the past, but it was not a place. The municipality of Reşiţa, in collaboration with Văliug City Hall and Caraş-Severin County Council, intends to turn the place into a real magnet for tourists, informs

Skiers must pay attention to the orientation and weather conditions, the descent being made at their own risk as it is not supervised by the Mountain Rescue.

"We have not announced that we will open approved ski slopes. We do a promotional transport service for those who want to see this ski area. I mentioned that there is no Mountain Rescue, and whoever wants to do this prospecting does so at their own risk. And so far he has skied on this slope, except that people had nothing to climb with. Even today I was on the slope and I found about 25 people who did cross-country skiing. He climbs up the ski, changes into his sweaty T-shirt, and then descends. People are free to do what they want"Popa said.

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