The mask remains mandatory on planes and airports in the UK, despite the relaxations of July 19

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Passengers will continue to be required to wear masks at airports and flights from Monday, despite the July 19 relaxation. The British government has announced that the mask will no longer be mandatory in public places in England, but carriers will be able to decide whether the mask remains mandatory in the means of transport.

Airports and airlines in the UK have confirmed that the requirement to wear a mask will remain an important transport condition from 19 July.

Face covering will be required at the entrance to an airport and until the end of the trip. The current exemptions for children and people with health problems will remain in force. However, passengers who refuse to wear a mask without medical reasons will be denied boarding.

In a joint statement, Iata, Airlines UK, the Association of Airport Operators (AOA) and the UK Board of Representatives (BAR-UK) confirmed: “Passengers will be required to wear a mask. Where necessary, the requirement will be applied by refusing boarding. "

They said the requirement would remain in force "in accordance with government guidelines and international requirements". "Masks will remain an essential element of these measures and will be necessary for both international and domestic flights. This is in line with existing regulations and guidelines in the UK and internationally. In Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, these masks continue to be mandated by decentralized governments.

Globally, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) recommends the use of masks for air travel. "This decision reflects the fact that airports and airplanes are areas where social distancing is not always possible."

"The measure on masks required for air travel will be reviewed as health progresses."

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