The most interesting sights to visit in Pisa

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In mid-August, I had the joy of flying with Wizz Air Pisa. We missed a few days getaway. So I chose the destination, took the tickets and on August 14, 2021 I landed in Pisa. We were greeted by a hot atmosphere and we were afraid that we would have hot days, but it was not so. Our city break was between August 14-17, a warm month and a holiday season in Italy.

Currently, Wizz Air flies twice a week on the route Bucharest - Pisa, on Thursdays and Sundays. It flies frequently with an Airbus A320ceo aircraft with 189 seats. We always buy space at the window to be able to admire the view from takeoff and landing.

Embark on Pisa

Considering that I flew during the pandemic, Italy requested the Green Pass and the PLF, documents that Wizz Air checked at the check-in counter at Henri Coandă Otopeni Airport - Bucharest. At the destination, the authorities only mimicked a brief check of the documents and we immediately passed the checkpoint.

Landing at Pisa
Spectacular views of Livorno

From the airport to the train station, the area where we stayed, we took their public transport service. They have a dedicated line with an electric train that runs without a conductor. There are wagons that can accommodate a few dozen people. I bought the tickets directly from the platform. The distance between the airport and the train station was covered in less than 20 minutes. So, about an hour after landing, I was in the hotel room. We stayed at the La Pace Hotel.

The train that connects the airport to Pisa Central Station

For many, Pisa is just a stopover on their way to Florence and a gateway to Tuscany. It has excellent connections with Livorno, La Spezia, the Tuscany region, but also with the Cinque Terre. For lovers of the sea, you can quickly reach the Maarina di Pisa, the seaside resorts of Pisa.

But even Pisa as a city deserves all the attention. For those who want to visit Pisa, this city has a fantastic range of beautiful historic buildings and indeed boasts over 20 historic churches. In addition, Pisa has several world-class museums and beautiful scenery along the banks of the River Arno. This historic city is worth much more than a passing visit. Let's not forget the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa, which put this city on the tourist map of many.

Leaning Tower of Pisa with the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta

During the short visit to Pisa, we reached our main objective, that of seeing the Leaning Tower of Pisa, on which occasion we also visited the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, but also the Baptistery. All three are in the same place - Piazza dei Miracoli. In addition, you can visit the Museo dell'Opera del Duomo where there are collected treasures representing paintings and archaeological discoveries.

Baptistery of Pisa

Also in Piazza dei Miracoli is Camposanto, a cemetery for famous inhabitants of Pisa that was placed in a square courtyard with frescoes restored from the 1300s.

Pisa is not a very big city, so it can be explored on foot. From Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II start pedestrian streets full of old buildings, historical monuments, but also shops and restaurants. It is the old center of Pisa. One of the most famous streets is Borgo. This charming street is located in the heart of the city and starts from Piazza Garibaldi near the Ponte di Mezzo.

PHOTO: Alexey Turenkov / Raul Arno - Pisa

In fact, almost the entire central area on both banks of the River Arno is worth a visit. When you get tired, you can sit at a table to taste the local Tuscan cuisine or to cool off with a gelato at the famous Gelateria De Coltelli. Through the area you will find the University of Pisa, the Court of Pisa, the National Museum di San Matteo.

Walking on both banks of the River Arno, you will inevitably walk on the Mezzo Bridge, one of the most beautiful and prominent bridges in Pisa. This bridge is 89 m long and was built in 1947. The white Verona stone was used to line the sides of the bridge and was designed by Sergio Aussant from Livorno. If you are looking for a photogenic view of the Arno River, this is the ideal place. If you have more time, you can also visit the Botanical Garden, the Guelph Tower, the Keith Haring Mural paintings.

We ended up in a period of holidays and celebrations, which made Pisa a more closed city. But, even so, we managed to visit the ones mentioned above. We enjoyed lunches and elegant dinners taken at the terraces and restaurants open in the central area. But about the culinary experiences in another article.

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