The most unusual things forgotten in hotels: a parrot, a wedding dress or sex toys

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According to a study conducted by the online booking portal, 7% of the tourists of the accommodation units in Romania forget in their rooms personal objects, more or less valuable. The study was conducted on a sample of over 100 of owners of accommodation units throughout the country.

According to the survey, in most cases, tourists forget in the Romanian accommodation units clothes (64 mentions) and personal care items (59 mentions). The rush or inattention also causes them to leave in their rooms money, electronic equipment, jewelry or documents. Only one hotel and guesthouse owner among those surveyed stated that no tourist forgot something.

Also, 29,7% of those who responded to the survey said that their guests happen to forget their ID in the room or at the reception.

The accommodation units often encountered valuable items left in their rooms, including laptops, electronic tablets, jewelry, perfumes and company clothing. The Romanian money was not even paying attention, many respondents saying that tourists forgot the wallets with money in the room, of which the largest amount found was 8000 euros. In a hotel in Moieciu a tourist even left a bag with 150.000 euros, returning later after it.

Regarding the less ordinary things forgotten by the Romanian tourists in the hotel rooms, the majority of the respondents stated that they forgot in the room sex toys but also a parrot, a wedding dress, a puppy or a fur coat.

In cases of forgotten objects, most of the accommodation units choose to announce the tourist to recover them (59,4%). Also, the retention period of these objects, in the event of being recovered, ranged from one week to 3-6 months. Although some owners keep them, convinced that they will be claimed, others choose to donate them after a certain period.

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