The new Boeing 737-300 Carpatair aircraft has been in operation since August 2013 (photo)

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On 24 July 2013, I wrote one article about the evolution of the Carpatair airline, how he went from ecstasy to agony and I expect him to return to ecstasy.

We did a brief analysis of the fleet and how it has evolved from 15 aircraft to only 4 today. Here is the information provided by us has been confirmed. In addition to the 3 Fokker 100s, Carpatair also purchased a Boeing 737-300, other than the one used between May 2012 and May 2013.

New 737-300, with registration number YR-BBA, has a capacity of 148 of seats. Carpatair is continuing the process of changing its operating strategy and is seeking to purchase larger, medium-sized jet aircraft, allowing direct flights to be operated between various destinations in Europe.

Boeing 737-300 aircraft offer both the opportunity to access new markets and significantly reduce direct operating costs. For the first time in Romania, Airlines Travel announces the new aircraft Boeing 737-300 will operate in particular on direct routes between Italy and Romania, but also to the Republic of Moldova, as follows: Timisoara - Rome (FCO) Craiova - Rome (FCO) Chisinau - Rome (FCO) Chisinau - Bergamo, Chisinau - Venice.





The new livery is slightly changed from the one used on the previous Boeing 737-300. The current 737-300 has the engines painted in a pleasant green and inscribed with the name of the airline's website -

  1. Master RA says

    Looks nice with the new livery.

  2. Nicky Predescu says

    Aha, so is Craiova-Roma (FCO)! I'll hang it one day to take some pictures!

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      We look forward to the photos! :)

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