The new Blue Air fare classes and 2017 website

Blue Air had a nice weekend for its passengers. On September 9, the Romanian low-cost air carrier (Smart Flying) launched the new tariff classes, but also a webiste worthy of the year 2017.

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Whoever flew with Blue Air probably hit the carrier's outdated site, with a less intuitive interface and a series of tangled actions. In our language, the old Blue Air site came from aviation prehistory.

But here's how Blue Air teleported instantly to 2017, with the launch of the new site. It comes with a much nicer, cleaner and more intuitive interface. The process of booking and purchasing becomes much more enjoyable.

Work is still being done to remedy the small operating problems, so it is not necessary to criticize too harshly the errors that may occur while browsing the website. We can say that Blue Air has made a huge leap online.

The new Blue Air fare classes

At the same time, they also implemented the new tariff classes: light, classic and premium. The trend in aviation is pushing low-cost airlines to the hybrid area, a middle area to which full-service carriers tend to migrate.


Tariff class Light allows you to purchase the ticket at the lowest available rate, which also includes the hand baggage of 10 Kg + free check-in. It is a suitable class for those who want to travel in city breaks or in business interests for a short period. If you want other services, they are paid extra.


Tariff class Classic allows you to buy the ticket at the lowest available price, but also include other services: free check-in, hold baggage of 20 kg, reserved place, etc. It is a class suitable for more complex trips, in family or alone, but with some necessary facilities.


Tariff class Premium includes: lowest available rate; free check-in; 10kg hand luggage; 32kg hold luggage; 0 fee for changing the date; reserved place, including Extra Leg Room; free food. This is a full-service package that is especially suited for longer flights, but also for longer trips.

We recommend you try the new Blue Air site and report your feedback in the comment to this article!

  1. razvan says

    They taught us the good… and now it's bad .. :(!
    The old site was clearer, easier to use, hold baggage for domestic flights was free, food and juices (water) as well. now the hold baggage, regardless of its weight, is paid, the food is only for Premium…. I think the water is the same…. ! Horror! let's see the competition…

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      As before, the ticket price on domestic flights includes a complete package: hand luggage, 20 kg hold baggage, a small catering service and free airfare behind the plane…

  2. George says

    I wanted to book a flight from Bucharest to Iasi one day and I was told that my name contained numbers. What name contains numbers? Then I removed the hyphen between the two first names, it didn't work either. Eventually it crashed and we could not complete the reservation. I called the Company and told him what I had encountered and the operator told me that she did not know which site I had entered. I wanted to tell NASA what. I hope the new site is better.

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