The new conditions for entry into Israel. Here's how to travel to the Holy Land!

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More than a year and a half after the closure of the borders and several periods of severe restrictions, one of the most vaccinated countries in the world, Israel, announces new conditions for access to the country by foreign tourists. About 1% of Israel's population has already received the full vaccination schedule, and authorities decided in late August to administer the third dose of the vaccine.

The Jerusalem authorities have issued an order stipulating the resumption of international tourism, as well as the new rules according to which tourists from most countries of the world will be able to visit Israel. Currently, access is allowed only to groups organized through a travel agency, not indicating a specific date for the reception of individual tourists.

Travel conditions in Israel, starting with September 19, 2021: vaccination certificate, COVID PCR test, serological test and PCR performed upon entry into the country, plus PLF completed before leaving Romania

The Israeli Ministry of Tourism has officially announced that, starting with September 19, 2021, tourist groups of 5 to 30 people will be able to travel freely in Israel again. Tourists belonging to these groups must simultaneously meet the following conditions:

  1. are vaccinated with the complete scheme;
  2. no more than 6 months have elapsed since immunization;
  3. presents at the entry into the country a negative PCR test performed at most 72 hours before entering Israel;
  4. I agree to perform another PCR test and a serological test on arrival at Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion Airport, at my own expense.

Until the result arrives, tourists can continue their trip to Israel, according to the planned program.

Currently, only the groups with the aforementioned structure have access to Israel and the tour operator has the obligation to send the complete list of tourists at least 2 weeks before the trip.

The test performed at the entrance to Israel by air costs 80 NIS (about 105 RON) with advance payment or 100 NIS (about 132 RON) payment on the spot, at Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv.

If more than 6 months have passed since the vaccination immunization, Romanian tourists will not be able to enter Israel unless they have a third dose of vaccine, which will invigorate their immune response to possible contact with the virus. .

Additionally, tourists must complete a simple location form, no later than 24 hours before leaving for Israel, a form containing information such as the date and type of vaccine given to them, people they travel with or countries visited in the last 14 days. .

Only tourists from the yellow and orange list countries can currently enter Israel. Romania is on the orange list.

These conditions are valid for all tourists who will travel from countries considered orange or yellow by the state of Israel. Romania is currently on the orange list, along with almost all other countries in the world, while on the yellow list are 12 states, considered with minimal risk. Currently, only Brazil, Turkey, Bulgaria and Mexico are on the red list, which means that tourists arriving from these countries are not allowed to enter Israel.

"I have been thinking and initiating this set of rules since May, when a pilot program was started which proved to be a success. Through this program, about 2000 tourists from the United States and some European countries were able to visit Israel in the summer season, and no cases of infection were identified among these people. We are eager to receive more tourists, given that tourism is one of the engines of our country and we hope that all these measures, although they may seem restrictive, will help us to travel safely, with minimal risks. We remain cautious, because we want to receive individual tourists as soon as possible, not just groups.Said Ksenia Kobyakov, director of new market development at the Israeli Ministry of Tourism.

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