The new EasyJet uniforms will be made from recycled plastic bottles

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EasyJet has announced a new uniform for its cabin crew and pilots. The new uniforms will be made from recycled plastic bottles and will be used this month in an innovative initiative to show their commitment to sustainability. Manufactured by Tailored Image and using high-tech material, each uniform is made of 45 plastic bottles.

With this initiative, the British low-cost company will prevent about half a million plastic bottles from reaching - every year - plastic waste. Not only will the new uniform help reduce plastic waste, but the high-tech material will be made from renewable energy sources and will have a 75% lower carbon footprint than traditional polyester.

Adapted to the current style of the airline, the new uniform proposal was tested for the first time last year. Compared to the non-recycled alternative, the new uniform is more abrasion resistant and offers greater elasticity and durability, reducing the need to produce more units in the long run.

EasyJet has never offered plastic straws, on the other hand compensating its customers with a 50-cent discount on hot drinks if they bring their own reusable glass.

In addition to the new fabric, plastic has been replaced in all garments to integrate recyclable and biodegradable materials. In this regard, plastic neck straps have been replaced with recyclable cardboard, plastic clamps for shirts with metal clips, outer sleeves made of polypropylene for shirts have also been replaced.

This initiative builds on the steps easyJet has taken to reduce plastic on board its aircraft, while reducing the number of disposable plastic items used on its flights. For example, some actions include the introduction of a small herbal bowl as a support for tea bags or the removal of over 27 million plastic items from the supply available on board.

"It is a priority for us to continue working to reduce our short-term carbon footprint, while continuing to support the development of new technologies with the potential to radically reduce carbon emissions from aviation, including the use of zero-emission aircraft. The innovative partners we work with, Wright Electric and Airbus, have established ambitious programs so that this type of aircraft is for commercial use and becomes a reality. ”, said Tina Milton, Director of Cabin Services at easyJet.

Since 2000, easyJet has reduced carbon emissions by more than a third for every kilometer traveled per passenger. In 2019, easyJet became the first major airline in the world to operate carbon-neutral flights throughout its network, offsetting the carbon emissions of fuel used on all its flights through schemes accredited by two of the highest standards. verification., Gold Standard and Verified Carbon Standard.

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