The next wave of canceled and delayed flights in Europe. Under what conditions are passengers entitled to compensation?

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Lately, countless flight delays and cancellations have become the norm at airports in Europe. The main cause of this situation is the lack of staff, faced by airlines and airports, caused by staff reductions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Also, the air market was not prepared for the increase in interest in traveling abroad, this phenomenon appearing with the lifting of the restrictions imposed in the context of the pandemic.

The situation is even worse due to the increase in the number of employees dissatisfied with the salary level. They therefore went on strike, demanding wage increases and reduced workloads. As a result, route networks have been turned upside down and passengers will have to consider issues related to flight cancellations or delays.

Airline staff strikes - the possible difficulties

Currently, the most difficult situation surprises the strikes of Ryanair employees. After a series of protests, which took place in June, the employees of the Irish airline announce the next wave of strikes. Increasingly, information is appearing throughout the media that employees of WizzAir, Lufthansa, EasyJet and British Airways will join the strike. The unions that represent the employees demand, above all, an increase in wages and an improvement in working conditions.

Compensation for canceled or delayed flight

Surely, as a result of this chaos, many passengers will have to face various problems related to flight delay or cancellation. Let's not forget that in such situations the airlines are obliged to inform all passengers about the delay or cancellation less than 14 days before the planned date of the flight.

So, if you found out that your flight will be delayed or canceled due to the airline operator's fault only at the airport or less than 14 days before the planned date of the flight, you can request compensation for canceled or delayed flight. However, in order to open the compensation procedure for the flight, the delay or cancellation of the flight cannot be caused by extraordinary circumstances.

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