Will Berlin Brandenburg Willy Brandt Airport be delayed?

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A shocking news began to circulate on German websites. The opening of the Berlin Brandenburg Willy Brandt airport may be delayed until the beginning of August.

Just 4 weeks before the grand opening, a detailed report on the fire system reveals some issues that cannot be overlooked. It takes some time to fix them. After all, we are talking about the safety of travelers, the staff and the complex as a whole.

But this postponement can greatly affect the image of builders, Berlin officials and even airlines. Air Berlin will have to delay the move and expansion, as does Lufthansa. This may even mean other unforeseen expenses.

Plus, from my point of view, a lot is lost from the enthusiasm of the launch. Can not wait "the night of the nights„. But I also see the full side of things. Maybe I manage to reach the inauguration of the new airport, it will be the 3rd largest in size and flow of passengers in Germany.

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