The operation of Blue Air flights is normally carried out

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Several news reports appeared in the press regarding some searches carried out by businessman Nelu Iordache. The airline Blue Air was also mentioned. To avoid panic, below is the official position communicated by Blue Air Transport Air.

In view of the repeated mention, on certain media channels, of the company Blue Air Transport Air, we inform you the following:
The operation of the flights of Blue Air is carried out under normal conditions, there being no element of connection between the verifications carried out at certain companies owned by the businessman Nelu Iordache and the running of the flight operations of the company Blue Air.
In this way, we emphasize that Blue Air Transport Airline operates normally and operates all flights according to the existing schedule.
We make these statements to avoid any possible misinformation of our passengers and ask all media representatives to avoid inducing a situation that could cause image damage to Blue Air.

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