IARA Guesthouse - architecture, design and tradition (video)

When I told you about the IARA Pension, I mentioned that the modern and the traditional are successfully combined. Are you curious to see what IARA Pension looks like? Watch the video below!

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IARA guesthouse he conquered us through architecture, design, but also by the way in which the modern and the traditional were combined. It is a guest house built according to the "image and soul of the place", as Eugen himself confesses.

Pension Iara - the modern and the traditional are successfully combined

When constructing the guesthouse, a combination of wood, reed and stone was used, everything being in the most natural and specific colors of the area. Traditional decorative elements have been used, including the roof is made in the delta-specific style.

At the entrance you will find two mannequins dressed in traditional folk costumes, old costumes over 100 years old and which were removed from the dowry box of some locals.

Each room is customized with a hand painted picture and applied to the front door. All 10 rooms have a unique picture.

We recommend that you go to the IARA Guesthouse and discover it in the smallest detail!

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