The pilot of Pegasus Airlines, flight PC2193, did not understand the directions in Turkish

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On the evening of February 5, 2020, Boeing 737-800 (TC-IZK) Pegasus Airlines departed from runway at Istanbul International Airport - Sabiha Gökçen and broke into pieces. The plane operated flight PC2193, on the route Izmir - Istanbul. There were 177 passengers (including 2 babies) and 6 crew members. Officials announced 179 inpatients, some with more serious injuries. Unfortunately 3 people have died!

Commander of the Pegasus aircraft, who broke into pieces in Istanbul, was arrested. And the investigation revealed some problems. The co-driver, of Dutch nationality, did not understand the instructions in Turkish and failed to brake in time, according to

He did not understand the instructions in Turkish

According to a preliminary report, the control tower told the pilot to cancel the landing procedure and remain in the hold. At that time, the weather conditions were severe, with heavy rainfall.

Then the tower approved the landing, but the pilots failed to brake in time. When the plane had 57 knots, the inverters and aerodynamic brakes were stopped, instead the manual brake was activated. The deceleration did not meet expectations, which resulted in the aircraft leaving the runway at a speed of approximately 60 knots.

The preliminary report also revealed something. According to the black box cockpit voice recorder (VAT no.), the pilots were panicked about possible damage to the plane after the lightning strike was hit. It happened 6 minutes before landing.

Possibly the panic in the cockpit and the misunderstanding in the communication led to hasty decisions and wrong actions. We are waiting for the final report!

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