The plane crashed on the Discovery Channel

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At the beginning of the month I told you about how it was crashed controlled Boeing 727. The action was part of a scientific experiment, but there was also an issue on it. The research resulted in solutions that can increase the survival rate of passengers. The crashed plane will be tracked to Discovery Channel, on 4 November, 21 time: 00.

Those from Discovery Channel they also made a beautiful one application related to crashed aircraft. You can choose a place on the plane and after the show you can find out if you survived. I have already chosen my place and I can hardly wait for the show to draw the final conclusions.

Are the planes really made to last and is it possible for the passengers to survive the impact? Do you follow the instructions of the flight attendants? Have you thought about the safest places on the plane? I hope to find out the answers in the show - "Curiosity: The plane crashed".

Regarding airlines, it is said that the plane is the safest means of transport. This is related to the number of passengers carried and the number of flights. Taking into account all commercial airlines, accidents occur only in the proportion of 1 to 1,2 millions of flights. At least 101 airlines, including easyJet, Monarch, Virgin Atlantic, etc., have never been involved in an accident that resulted in the death of some passengers (2009 level information).

In 2009 they flew over 2.5 billion passengers. It is estimated that their number will reach 3,3 billion in 2014. Or maybe it will even grow to 3.5 billion. Let us not forget that the population of the globe has jumped by 7 billion inhabitants.

The worst fatal accident in which an aircraft was involved did not occur in the air, but on the ground. Two 747s, a KLM and a Pan Am, crashed on the runway at Tenerife's Los Rodeos Airport in 1977. 583 people died then and 61 survived - all on the Pan Am plane.

I want to remember that 2011 victims were registered in 373, according to information provided by Discovery. 18 passenger flights were involved. Last year there were over 30 millions of commercial flights.

I hope I have calmed you down and wish you pleasant and incident-free flights!

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