The price of a ticket Gara de Nord - Otopeni Airport can vary from 4 lei to 13 lei, depending on the classification of the train and the chosen travel class

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2 days before the inauguration of the route Gara de Nord - Otopeni Airport, the Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure and Communications changes the rules during the game.

By Ministerial Order, Annex no. 2 to the Order of the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure no. 153/2011 on amending and supplementing the Regulation for the movement of trains and the maneuvering of railway vehicles - no. 005 and the Annex to the Order of the Minister of Transport no. 1050/2013 for the approval of the general service tariffs for public passenger rail transport.

And from this whole project, we are strictly interested in the trains that will run on the route Gara de Nord - Otopeni Airport.

The category of trains is introduced Regio Express with the following characteristics: vminimum commercial speed of 40 km / h, maximum distance 300 km + 10% or the first railway station if this distance is exceeded, frequent stops, but only where there is a significant flow of passengers. This category would include some of the IR trains currently used by commuters and some Regio trains.

This category could include trains that will run on the route Bucharest North - Pajura Hm - park. minutes at regular intervals of about 19,00-20 minutes.

According to the provisions of art. II of GEO no. 57/2011 (1) Tariffs for subway travel and rail passenger transport will be adjusted by order of the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, in accordance with the law. 

According to the tariffs for public passenger transport, at a distance of 19,00 km (tariff area 11-20 km), we have the following values ​​depending on the train rank and commercial class:

  • Regio train: 4,0 lei for the 2nd class and 5,50 lei for the 1st class;
  • Interregio train: 8,50 lei for the 2nd class and 13,00 lei for the 1st class;

Considering this project an important step towards the organization and development of passenger transport in an area of ​​great interest, it is proposed to apply a single rate for the train journey CFR Passengers of Regio Expres rank, in class 1 and class 2, on the relation Bucharest North - Henri Coandă International Airport.

The establishment of a single fare for the train Regio-Express North Station - Henri Coanda International Airport is done in the context of:

  • the realization of the direct connection between the station cf Bucharest North, the Henri Coandă International Airport and the national railway network;
  • reducing the travel time between the Bucharest North railway station and Henri Coandă International Airport;
  • increasing the travel speed between the two objectives;
  • improving travel conditions and traffic safety, in line with European standards;
  • the existence of public road transport services, respectively the 4 lines expressly provided daily by Societatea de Transport București SA:
  • the current tariff of 4,00 lei for the train Regio cl.a 2 a, kilometric zone 11-20 established according to the methodology included in the MT Order no.2935 / 2008.

In other words, the price of a ticket Gara de Nord - Otopeni Airport will cost from 4 lei and can reach 13 lei depending on the train classification and the chosen travel class.

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