The project "I'm aerophobic, but I treat myself" has come to an end

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For the Airlines Travel team, flight means relaxation and freedom, and the sky means "home". We try to fly as much as possible and enjoy each experience. But not everyone is passionate about flying, airplanes and not everyone has this pleasure of traveling in flight. I have friends who are afraid of flying and flying, but many have not even tried to deal with their phobias.

But I also met people eager to get rid of this fear, who want to fly and not be aerophobic. Launched at the end of August, the pilot program for treating anxiety during the "I'm aerophobic, but I'm treating" flight has come to an end. The initiative of this project was determined by the declared objective of the Bucharest Airports National Company to offer customers the best quality services. The final session of the course took place on November 14, 2015, the students, people with flight anxiety, being real passengers of a flight made with a TAROM aircraft. They were assisted from check-in procedures, throughout the flight and until landing, by an experienced psychotherapist and flight staff.

The courses took place over six weeks, each session lasting approximately 2-4 hours. Under the professional guidance of a complex team of specialized psychotherapists, pilots and flight attendants, the trainees were helped to raise awareness of the causes of flight phobia, to accept their problem and to find a motivation for change.

Progress was visible with each course, the success rate of treating this phobia being, according to the prediction of the psychotherapist team, a high one: two thirds of the students managed not only to overcome their fear, but even to enjoy the 45 minutes of the test flight.

The grand finale of the pilot project for the treatment of anxiety during the flight, organized by the National Airports Company Bucharest, in partnership with SC TAROM SA and PsyCons, took place in a festive setting, the students receiving diplomas of graduation of the course that confirmed the success this unique approach in Romania through a simple, but authentic message: "I was aerophobic, but I was treated."

We congratulate those who have exceeded the fear of flying and we wish as many beautiful travelers on board the plane. Clear sky!

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