Race through the clouds on the Transalpina with a Red Bull RB7 single-seater

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Patrick Friesacher explored the highest road in Romania at the wheel of the RB7 single-seater as he went through some local challenges and took on Toma Coconea. The drivers of Oracle Red Bull Racing have made a series of memorable trips over time, in the most beautiful corners of the world. They crossed America from one end to the other, reached from Europe to Asia crossing the Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul and toured the most beautiful castles in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

In 2022, the year in which the Oracle Red Bull Racing team secured the world titles in Formula 1, for drivers with Max Verstappen and for constructors, Patrick Friesacher took a road trip to Romania to discover the Transalpina, the road at its greatest altitude in our country. The Transalpina reaches, in Pasul Urdele, at 2.145 meters, almost at the same height as the Mexican Formula 1 Grand Prix (2.285 meters), the race on the calendar held at the highest altitude.

Patrick Friesacher exploring Transalpine

Patrick Friesacher, Red Bull's first junior academy driver and ex-Formula 1 driver, had an epic, challenging adventure on the Transalpina.

"Having the opportunity to drive a Formula 1 single-seater at the Transalpina was something really special. I like to discover spectacular roads and Transalpina was definitely a unique experience for me. All those turns one after the other, the dream landscapes, the challenges encountered on the road... it was like a dream come true", says Patrick Friesacher.

On his way to Bucharest, Patrick had spectacular turns, complete with a fairytale landscape on one of the most beautiful roads in the world. But also challenges to match.

Red Bull RB7 la apus pe Transalpina
Red Bull RB7 at sunset on Transalpina

The meeting with the vampire ended without consequences, but probably only because it was during the day, and the tuft of Vasilica's fur still brings Patrick good luck, especially since racing drivers are known to be extremely superstitious.

After another series of tight turns, Patrick ended up in the middle of a wedding. The Oracle Red Bull Racing pilot also got caught in the chorus, and the wedding gift for the bride and groom was a series of "circles" made on the road with a width of only 8,5 meters. On the last leg of the Transalpina, Patrick took on Toma Coconea, who has already started his paragliding training for the 2023 edition of the Red Bull X-Alps, the toughest adventure race in the world.

Arūnas Gibieža also practiced his stunts on Transalpina. Before arriving in Romania, Aras, double European stunt riding champion, set, with 580 meters, a new world record for the longest wheelie on a motorcycle without touching the handlebars with his hands.

Their adventure ended in Bucharest, in front of 50.000 spectators, at Red Bull Racing Show Run.

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