The resort tax was introduced in the south of the Romanian coast

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The Mangalia local council decided to introduce the tourist tax for the resorts of Saturn, Venus, Cap Aurora, Jupiter, Neptune - Olympus. This is worth 5 lei / day for each tourist staying in hotels and guesthouses in these resorts.

The new tax has been implemented since May 1, 2021, at a time when tourism is down anyway, and the authorities are doing nothing to support this industry.

The mayor of Mangalia, Cristian Radu, mentioned that this tax is necessary for the modernization, maintenance and promotion of the resorts, without putting pressure on the local budget. I think this tax is not bad, but it is introduced at the wrong time. One euro a day is not a large amount, but a 7-day stay for 2 people raises a significant amount from the budget of those who choose the south coast.

I believe that the tax is introduced prematurely, without currently offering real benefits. As proof is the statement of Florentina, the reception manager of a hotel in Olimp, who mentioned for mediafax that 70-80% of tourists refused to pay the tax because they do not receive additional services for this money. Unfortunately, the hotel will have to pay to the local administration the amounts for each tourist accommodated.

With the money raised from this tax, Mangalia City Hall wants to make modernizations in the resorts under administration. Work should begin at the end of each summer season. It remains to be seen whether this will materialize.

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