The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Online Casinos


Operators of online casinos like Ice Casino have a challenge ahead of them. As more and more companies use artificial intelligence, the gambling industry must also capitalize on this technology. Currently, there is not much going on between AI and casinos except for gambling risk management.

In casual gaming, it is known that AI can make the gambling experience better. It is artificial intelligence that makes the game more complex. Will it work in the casino industry too? Let's find out!

The Role of AI in Gambling

Right now, AI has no direct impact on the gaming experience. It is not because gaming companies do not know how to use it but because there is little place for this technology in online gambling. While playing, the rules must be the same in every round. Because of this, game developers must not use artificial intelligence to interfere with the game's outcomes.

In social media applications or search engines, AI plays a critical role in what the user sees on his feed. The casino industry can make use of this, and it will fall into marketing (different promotions, ad campaigns, etc.)

Essentially, there are four aspects where the gambling industry can use artificial intelligence:

  • Problem gambling;
  • Marketing;
  • Fraud prevention;
  • Betting edge for users.

1. Problem gambling

It is unfortunate, but it is a reality that some gamers lose control and gamble excessively. Although there are laws and institutions dedicated to helping people — it is not enough. With AI, the casino industry can determine how often a person makes a deposit. It can also check the average losses of a person in a week or month. If the player is spending more than the average gambler, the AI ​​can flag the casino staff and have them reach out to this person.

Although artificial intelligence cannot really tell if a person has a gambling problem, the machine can help mitigate the issue. Of course, it is still the computer programmers who have to set the standards to identify what is normal and what is not.

2. marketing

On YouTube, the algorithm or AI matches the content with what it thinks is closest to the user's interest. It also attempts to match advertising content with the user. This process is beneficial to casinos. In this case, the role of artificial intelligence is to determine what ads the user should see. Although ads are obtrusive and may put the consumer away, there are other ways to show them.

For example, since a casino typically offers many slot machines, it can make the AI ​​show a group of slots in the user's dashboard based on the user's preference and profile.

Let's say that the user loves playing 5-reel slots with wild symbols. If the AI ​​detects that, then it can show other slots of the same genre. The benefit is that the casino can market other slot games. As a result, the player is not likely to leave the site, having seen several games he is interested in playing.

3. Fraud Prevention

You cannot deny that there are people out there who are trying to game the system. Tricksters register for several accounts and gamble without depositing — they want to get the bonus money and see if they are lucky enough to win and cash out.

Artificial intelligence can strengthen the process of capturing people trying to game the system. The AI ​​can record the IP address or device address of these users and then ban them from the site.

4. Betting Edge for Users

The last best case or use for AI in the gambling industry is to assist bettors. We all know that gambling games, by design, give the house an edge. What if a third-party company develops an app that allows gamblers to improve their odds?

For instance, there is such a thing as a basic strategy in blackjack. However, it is a table that is so difficult to memorize. If a company makes an app that helps the player decide what to do, the app must use AI to "see" how the game is progressing and react based on that. As such, this technology will guide the player on whether to hold, split, double down, or take another course of action. Of course, artificial intelligence will use a high level of statistics to guide the player.

To a certain degree, casinos cannot use AI to enhance customer experience because it will interfere with the game results — it is not something that users want. However, casinos can use artificial intelligence to manage their operations better.

To conclude, it is safe to say that AI will eventually become a staple in the gambling industry once there are social media sites for casinos. For example, if there is a "Facebook" for gambling, the AI ​​can show what the gambler posted on his social media gambling account.

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