The second Airbus A321neo TAP Air Portugal was delivered

TAP Air Portugal, Portugal's national carrier, is upgrading its fleet of state-of-the-art aircraft. Received the 2 Airbus A321neo and the 3 from the A320neo family.

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TAP Air Portugal, one of the oldest airlines in Europe, is modernizing its fleet. This year, it received 3 aircraft from the new generation A320neo: 1 x A320neo and 2 x A321neo.

It follows that the other aircraft in the A320neo family, up to a total of 37 units, will be delivered by the end of 2019. And until 2025, TAP Air Portugal will receive 71 of new aircraft.

Airbus A321neo TAP Air Portugal

The new Airbus A321neo, the second in the TAP Air Portugal fleet, is registered CS-TJJ. It, like the other A321neo TAP, can carry up to 216 passengers. It will fly to the destinations of the Portuguese company in Europe and Africa. It is not excluded to see it in Bucharest.

TAP Air Portugal operated its first A321neo (CS-TJI) Airbus aircraft in June, after the first A320neo (CS-TVA) was delivered to the company in April.

We remind you that TAP AIR PORTUGAL, a member of STAR Alliance, placed an order to Airbus for 53 new generation aircraft: 15 x A320neo (1 already delivered), 24 A321neo (2 already delivered) and 14 A330-X. TAP Air Portugal now operates a fleet of 900 aircraft: 92 x A22, 319 x A22, 320 x A17, 330 x A6, 321 x A4, 340 x AT8 and 72 x EXNUM.

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