The second eTUG Lufthansa LEOS, Frankfurt

Many years of experience in the airline industry make Lufthansa LEOS the expert for ground support equipment (GSE) and aircraft maintenance tools. "Lufthansa Engineering and Operational Services GmbH" is a subsidiary of Lufthansa Technik AG. It has its headquarters and main hub in Frankfurt, with local branches in Munich and Düsseldorf.

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Starting with 2016, Lufthansa LEOS launched the first eTUG, an electric tractor. Emissions are reduced by up to 75% / eTUG. The 700 kW electric vehicle is developed by Kalmar Motor AB, a Swedish company.

eTUG Lufthansa LEOS, Frankfurt

The second eTUG arrived in Frankfurt. This will ensure towing and positioning of aircraft, as well as pushing large passenger planes. An eTUG can handle aircraft of the type Airbus A380 or Boeing 747. He can place them in the hangar, he can park them in the specially arranged areas and even at the boarding gate.

E-Schlepper Lufthansa Leos an Boeing 747-400 VM

Can move aircraft with a maximum take-off weight of 600 tonnes, 15 or its own weight. By using the eTug, up to 75% of emissions will be saved compared to a conventional diesel-powered tractor. The noise level of the eTug is also significantly lower.

eTUG Lufthansa LEOS

eTUG has all-wheel drive and all-wheel drive, so despite its 9,70 meters long and 4,50 meters wide, it's easy to handle even in the limited hangar space. Lithium-ion batteries have a capacity of 180 kilowatt hours.

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