Serenity ship and passion for LEGO

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Sometimes passion has no limits, just like love. There are people who do their best to fulfill their dreams, to practice certain passions, to strive for their ideals.

Adrian Drake is a fan of LEGO toys. His last achievement is Serenity ship. Used over 70 000 LEGO parts and worked 475 hours on 21 for months. The construction weighs just over 61 Kg. The work is impressive through the details that Adrian took into account.

If many would criticize this work, I congratulate Adrian on having the courage and patience to practice his hobby in a constructive way. And like Adrian Drake there are many. Brăduţ Florescu ( said on the facebook page that he congratulated those who do not do such works :). In July, I told you about it the Trent 1000-TEN engine made by Rolls-Royce. 4 people worked for 8 weeks for its implementation.

But you better watch the photos with the creation of Adrian Drake - Serenity Ship!

Adrian put 75 pictures on the flicker.

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