The state of alert is extended in Romania by 30 days, according to Decision no. 44 of July 7, 2021. See the new changes!

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The National Committee for Emergency Situations adopted, in the meeting of July 7, 2021, Decision number 44 which proposes the extension of the alert status on the entire national territory, for a period of 30 days, starting with 12.07.2021 as well as the measures prevention and control necessary to be applied in the current epidemiological context.

Thus, those who have passed COVID-19 disease in the last 180 days have the same regimen as those vaccinated and those who have tested negative for COVID. More than 6 people can sit at the terraces, and the adults who accompany the children to the playgrounds no longer need to be vaccinated.

The main changes to the alert status:

  • For those who went through the disease, the limit was increased from 90 days to 180 days after COVID-19 infection, to be in line with the European Green Certificate. During this time, people who have been infected with COVID-19 are exempted from quarantine upon entry into the country and may participate in events, as may those who have been vaccinated or have a negative COVID test.
  • Up to 1.000 people are allowed to participate in outdoor cultural activities.
  • At weddings, baptisms and other private events, the area per person was reduced from 4 square meters to 2 square meters.
  • At playgrounds, companions will no longer be required to be vaccinated against COVID-19.
  • Outside, in restaurants, the rule of 6 people at the table is eliminated.

Decision no. 44 of July 7, 2021

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