The story of Boeing C-17 from "Man of Steel: The Hero"

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Man of Steel: Eroul is a movie with supersonic flights (Superman manages to reach unimaginable speeds), military aircraft and alien ships. He's with Superman, so what's wrong with that? As usual, good wins, but it keeps you in suspense. The special effects are endless, with powerful explosions, destroyed buildings, injured people and many planes and helicopters.

I liked to see one at work Boeing C-17, a military-type military aircraft that can carry an alien ship of several tens of tons. It's not just any aircraft, but the first C-17 (T-1) built by Boeing. In April 2012, the aircraft arrived at the National Museum of the US Air Force and occasionally on film boards.

The story of the Boeing C-17

In addition to the role of test aircraft, T-1 is also a Hollywood star. The aircraft has appeared in several films, including "Transformers", "Iron Man", "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen", "Iron Man 2" and the recently released "Superman: Man of Steel".

The fuselage of the aircraft is painted with scenes from the films in which it appeared and there are few at all. The C-17 star appeared in Man of Steel with two other US Air Force aircraft: the C-130 Hercules and the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II. Interesting how the US Army works with Hollywood and provides logistical support.


Coming back to Man of Steel: Eroul, the film was produced by Warner Bros. and directed by Zack Snyder, and the cast is exceptional: Kevin Costner, Russel Crowe, Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne, Michael Shannon and Henry Cavill (Superman by 2013).

From 21 June to 2013, the film can be watched in cinemas: Hollywood Multiplex, CinemaPRO, Movieplex, The Light Cinema, Grand Cinema Digiplex Băneasa, Cityplex (Constanţa, Tulcea and Braşov), Cinema City (Cotroceni, Arad, Arad Galeria, Bacău, Baia Mare, Brăila, Cluj, Cluj Polus, Iaşi, Constanţa, Piteşti, Sun Plaza, Timişoara, Târgu-Mureş, Ploieşti), Cinema Arta (Târgu-Mureş), Patria (Craiova), Cinema “Florin Piersic” (Cluj), Premiera (Ploieşti), Cinema Arta (Sibiu), Cinema „Sergiu Nicolaescu” (Târgu-Jiu), Cinema Capitol (Oneşti), Cinema Colors 3D (Craiova), Cinema „Eugen Ionescu” (Slatina), Cortina (Oradea), Palace (Oradea), Cinema Twins (Ploieşti), Glendale Cinema (Bucharest), Ostroveni Cinema (Ostroveni), Marcom Cinema (Buzău), Grand Mall Cinema (Satu-Mare).

For those nostalgic and Superman lovers, I recommend you go to the movie!

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