The story of the first 100 of Airbus A380 aircraft (video)

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On 14 March 2013, Airbus delivered the 100 aircraft of the A380 family. Airbus A380, also called superjumbo, entered commercial service on 25 October 2007, on the Singapore - Sydney route, and the airline was Singapore Airlines.


The first Airbus A28.07.2008 was delivered on 380 Emirates. The first Airbus A19.09.2008 was delivered on 380 Qantas. Air France took possession of the first A380 on 30.10.2009. Lufthansa was the 5 airline that enjoyed the services of the superjumbo, taking possession of the first A380 on 19.05.2010. The list goes on with the airline operator Korean Airlines which receives A380 on 24.05.2011. China Southern receives A380 on 24.10.2011, and Malaysian Airlines on 29.05.2012. Thai Airways enter the hour of elitist airlines with A380 in the fleet on 27.09.2012.

A380 aircraft have so far collected over 800 000 flying hours and have carried over 35 000 000 passengers. Airbus has firm orders for a further 261 of A380 aircraft, and the list of future airlines with superjumbo in the fleet includes: British Airways (12 + 7), Virgin Atlantic (6), Qatar Airways (10 + 3), Asiana Airlines ( 6), Transaero Airlines (4) and the list is open.

Airbus A380 is easy to recognize at different airports around the world, being the only 2 complete flight deck. It can carry up to 853 passengers in a single-class configuration. Cruise speed is 945 km / h and has a range of up to 15 400 km.

But I better let you watch a video of the tests at A380.

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