The story "IARA Pension" (video)

At the beginning of July we spent it in the Danube Delta, where nature is performing, and we were spectators. The wonderful experience was complemented by the perfect accommodation at Pensiunea Iara.

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A trip to the Danube Delta is like a trip to another country! Everything you find there, from the color of the sky and the smell of the air to the taste of traditional food and the tranquility of the night, does not resemble anything in our daily universe.

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But I want to tell you about a beautiful place and "on my soul" where I found very good accommodation and food, lots of peace, but also the opportunity to "touch, tread and feel the aroma of water", to discover the canals and lakes, unique flora and fauna unique and specific only to the Danube Delta.

The story IARA

Is about Pension Iara ([email protected]). The name of the guesthouse is given by the first letters of the names of the daughters of the two couples who joined in raising this wonderful place (Iasmina and Raluca).

The exact address of the pension is: Ilganii de Jos, Egretei street no. 2, Nufaru commune, Tulcea county. More precisely, on the left bank of the St. George's arm, the oldest, most natural and accessible arm of the Danube. It is very easy to arrive on a road of maximum 4 hours by personal car, coming from Bucharest.

The custom of the house "says" that the gates will be opened by your own host. And here's how you get to know Eugen and Mălina (0745 024.358), two daredevils who, three years ago, wanted a vacation home in the Delta and ended up building a boarding house with 10 rooms together with a family of friends, Pompiliu and Silvana.

IARA guesthouse offers peace, relaxation, comfort and dining experience.

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