Taxi activity at Henri Coandă International Airport Bucharest (2016)

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Starting with 1 April 2016, at Henri Coanda Airport Only taxi cars that comply with all the legal norms and whose drivers have obtained from the state authorized institutions all the necessary authorizations to carry out the taxi activity at the airport have access. The deadline of 1 April 2016 was set at the request of the taxi companies.

The National Airports Company of Bucharest has informed, since June 2015, the companies that have the terminals for taxi orders at Henri Coandă Airport, regarding the application of these measures regarding the legal conduct of the taxi activity at the airport.

TAXI Bucharest Airport

Administration of Henri Coanda Airport facilitates the access of passengers to the airport taxi terminals and, in cooperation with the state authorities, takes the necessary measures to ensure access only for taxi drivers and cars that comply with the legal norms, whose main purpose is the safety and security of the passengers.

At this point, about 500 of taxi drivers have already fulfilled all the conditions to operate at Henri Coanda Airport and can take passengers without any restrictions.

The taxi activity at the Henri Coandă International Airport in Bucharest is carried out strictly in accordance with the provisions of Law 38 / 2003 on taxi transport, with subsequent amendments and completions, as well as with the requirements of the state authorities in the field, transposed in "CNAB / AIHCB regulation regarding the transport of persons in taxi regime".

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In this regard, it is forbidden to access to the airport of the taxi vehicles with luggage less than 500 liters, of the taxi drivers who have a criminal record and it is compulsory to obtain opinions of the state institutions (Air Transport Police, Border Police).

  1. Mihai says

    1) You mean no cars based on LPG?
    2) Is it legal to do taximetry with cars that run on LPG?

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