The transit between the Czech Republic and Germany is based only on a COVID-19 test

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The MFA states that in the context measures adopted by the Federal Republic of Germany, the Czech authorities have announced that persons entitled to enter German territory and transit through the territory of the Czech Republic to the Federal Republic of Germany, including workers in the field of freight transport, must present, upon entry into the Czech Republic, a molecular PCR or antigen test with a negative result for SARS-CoV-2 virus infection, performed with maximum 36 hours before entering the Czech Republic. The Czech authorities have intensified controls to verify compliance with this obligation.

In this context, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has taken a series of steps both bilaterally, with the German authorities, to identify solutions to remedy these bottlenecks as soon as possible, and with the European Commission.

Also, the Romanian Embassy in Prague is in dialogue with the Czech authorities in order to ensure solutions that allow the flow of traffic on the border with Germany. At the same time, the MFA states that the Romanian Embassy in Berlin and the Romanian Embassy in Prague are ready to provide specific consular support to Romanian citizens affected by these measures.

In view of the situation arising from the measures taken by the German authorities, the Czech authorities recommend that foreign nationals avoid transit through the Czech Republic in order to travel to the Federal Republic of Germany and use international routes only in absolutely necessary cases.

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