The works at Bacau Airport have been completed. See when the first commercial flight will be operated!

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The works on the runway of the "George Enescu" International Airport have been completed. There are 2 weeks of tests and calibrations, following that from October 9 to resume the air transport activity.

The announcement was made by the representatives of the Bacău airport, on September 23rd. The reception event was attended by the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Marcel Ciolacu, together with a delegation of the Social Democratic Party.

In recent years, Bacau airport has benefited from major investments of over 60 million euros, money from the European Union and the County Council budget. The sums were invested in the modernization and development of the air transport infrastructure (the passenger terminal, the control tower, the parking lot with over 300 spaces and the Airport street, with four traffic lanes plus an emergency one). And now the work aimed at rehabilitating 2.5 kilometers of runway.

After the completion of the runway works, there will be a transition period, in which the new movement surfaces will be certified by the aeronautical authority, so that, on October 5, the first plane can land in Bacău.

Initially, the deadline for the first commercial passenger flight was October 1. But as can be seen, it was postponed until October 5. Under these conditions, Blue Air will continue to operate flights dedicated to Bacau from Suceava and Iasi airports. The new domestic Blue Air routes from Bacău, scheduled for October 1, will debut on October 26. And Wizz Air has postponed the launch of the London-Bacau route until October 9.

And, if Mr. Ivancea will keep the promise made to Mr. Grindeanu, there will also be the route Bacau - Timisoara.

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