The World Tourism Organization (WTO) announces that 53% of the world's tourist destinations are open

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According to the World Tourism Organization (WORLD TOURISM ORGANIZATION), 53% of destinations in the whole world began to ease travel restrictions, which were implemented in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The latest UNWTO report shows that a total of 115 destinations (53% of all destinations in the world) have reduced travel restrictions since 10 September 2020. They are 28 more than the number previously reported on 19 July. Of this total 115 open destinations, 2 lifted all restrictions, while the other 113 retained some restrictions.

115 destinations (53% of all destinations in the world) have reduced travel restrictions

Destinations with relaxed travel restrictions tend to have high or very high level of health and hygiene infrastructure. They also tend to have relatively low rates of COVID-19 infection.

In countries with highly developed economies, 79% of tourist destinations already have relaxed restrictions. In emerging economies, only 47% of tourist destinations have done so.

64% of the destinations, which relaxed the restrictions, have an average dependence on the sea on air transport for the travel of international tourists.

Meanwhile, the UNWTO report shows that many destinations around the world are tackling with extreme caution reducing the travel restrictions they have implemented in response to the pandemic.

Currently, there are 93 destinations (43% of all destinations in the world) that keep completely closed borders tourism, of which 27 closed them completely for at least 30 weeks.

In addition, more than half of all destinations whose borders are completely closed to tourism are among the most vulnerable countries in the world.

Yes, that's about the global reality of tourism. Let's get out of the realm of conspiracy and realize that thousands of billions of EURO / DOLLARS are lost from tourism and aviation alone. We no longer take into account the other economic structures. So it would be good to stay healthy by applying preventive measures.

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