Theoretically: Blue Air bought Air Moldova / Practically: Civil Aviation Group SRL bought Air Moldova

The title sounds good, sounds interesting. But let's see the reality. Today, the Government of the Republic of Moldova issued a press release announcing that Civil Aviation Group SRL has bought Air Moldova.

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Civil Aviation Group SRL was declared the winner of the privatization process of the national airline of the Republic of Moldova, Air Moldova. Civil Aviation Group SRL is formed by the Romanian airline Blue Air (49%), together with a group of investors from the Republic of Moldova (51%). The two investors are: Ianovici Andrei (25.5%) and Melnik Sergei (25.5%).

The administrator of Civil Aviation Group SRL is POMERS DZINTARS (LATVIA). We mention that this company was founded on 23 August 2018, most likely especially to take over Air Moldova.

Theoretically: Blue Air bought Air Moldova

Civil Aviation Group SRL offered for the privatization of Air Moldova the price of 50 of millions of Moldovan lei, also taking over the obligation of debts of about 1,2 billion of Moldovan lei. In a summary calculation, Civil Aviation Group SRL paid about 2.5 million EURO, money that will be returned to the state budget, and took over debts worth about 60 million EURO.

The new shareholding specifies that it maintains the current flight program of Air Moldova, and the priority is to regain the confidence of customers to improve commercial performance. Civil Aviation Group SRL is committed to transforming Air Moldova into a successful modern airline, with a strong and well-trained team that offers passengers the highest standards of service.

Basically: Civil Aviation Group SRL bought Air Moldova

Access to state-of-the-art IT technology, infrastructure development and fleet modernization, together with the experience in the Romanian airline's aviation industry, will open new horizons for Air Moldova and create the premises of sustainable development, offering new opportunities for young people, to discover their career in one of the the most dynamic industries.

According to the Development Strategy of the Air Moldova Company, "Civil Aviation Group" SRL is to launch 7 new routes until the end of the year 2019 and 4 new routes in 2020. 2021 is expected to open long-haul flights to the US, Canada, China and mid-range flights.

In addition, it is planned to increase frequencies on a number of existing destinations. The respective activities will be based on the reciprocal flows of passenger traffic between CIS and European countries, thus transforming Chisinau Airport into an international aviation hub.

7 new routes in 2019 / 4 new routes in 2020 / flights to USA, Canada and China in 2021

In order to ensure non-stop operation throughout the entire network of destinations, taking into account the increasing passenger flow, the number of aircraft operated will increase gradually, so that by the year 2021 the fleet of the Air Moldova Company will count 14 aircraft.

The fleet will consist of Airbus A320 / A319 and Embraer E190 aircraft. We wonder where the long-haul planes are for flights to the US, Canada and China. We note that they are not included in this plan.

In order to develop the network of destinations and increase the number of aircraft operated, "Civil Aviation Group" SRL plans to expand the aeronautical personnel with 10 additional crews up to 2021.

380 employees - navigating staff until 2021

Thus, the number of pilots and cabin crews will increase from 180 in the year 2018 to 380 employed in 2021. For the periodic training and training of the staff, until the year 2023, the buyer proposed to allocate the financial means in the amount of about 3,5 million.

One of the key objectives of the buyer is to expand the range of flight destinations by simultaneously consolidating Air Moldova's position on the main existing routes, by applying flexible prices and increasing the quality of service to meet the growing demands of a larger number of passengers.

"Civil Aviation Group" SRL has assumed the obligation to maintain and develop the status of Air Moldova as national company and national operator, which will align the Republic of Moldova to international standards and ensure an efficient activity in the interest of the citizens.

"We are proud that Air Moldova has joined the big Blue Air family and we are happy to be here, in the Centenary year. The success of Blue Air at the international level gives us the opportunity to contribute our experience to the future of Air Moldova. We carry on the name of the company with the confidence that it will become the pride of all Moldovans and their first travel option. Last but not least, this development also benefits the local labor market, tourism and, generally, the community ”, said Marius Puiu, CEO of Blue Air.

And to return to the title. Air Moldova was sold (with debts of 60 million EURO) to Civil Aviation Group SRL for 2.5 million EURO. Blue Air comes with the reputation, with the successful brand it created on a European level, the money comes from investors (who also own the majority package of 51%).

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