C'est fini: Joon will be integrated into Air France

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13 months ago, when Joon was launched, we ignored the news. I didn't pay too much attention to Joon's brand.

It wanted to be something fresh, low-cost, to take over the financial burden of Air France. But the results were not the ones you wanted.

Why did Air France launch the Joon brand? We did not understand the evidence that the passengers, investors and employees of the company did not understand either.

The Joon brand will disappear from the market

This multitude of brands has weakened the Air France brand and created confusion. We remind you that there are still HOP companies in the Air France family! and Transavia France. The latter having missions similar to Joon's.

Air France officials have announced that employees and aircraft will be integrated into the large company. And Joon's flights will continue to be honored by Air France. This action will not affect the Air France - KLM group.

Currently, Joon owns 15 aircraft and flies to 11 destinations. From 31 to March 2019, Joon should have opened routes to Turkey, Spain or England.

Joon's experiment is clear proof that sometimes it's good to consolidate your brand, to develop your services without expanding too much. Joon was a failure. It's over!

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