Three modern tugboats were bought by "Henri Coandă" Bucharest International Airport!

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At the beginning of February, the Bucharest National Airport Company purchased three new tugs for towing and pushing aircraft on the platform of the "Henri Coandă" Bucharest International Airport, two of which are in the process of being prepared for entry into service, and the third already in service.

Two of the tugs are electric, drawbar-less, with aircraft nose lift and can be operated remotely by wireless remote control, capable of handling aircraft with a maximum take-off weight (MTOW) of up to 100 tonnes (CRJ 700 /900, EMBRAER 135/190, FOKKER 70/100, SAAB 2000, B 737, A318/319/320/321). The value of the contract is 798.950 euros, an amount that includes a guarantee period of 48 months.

The third tug purchased is equipped with thermal engine and drawbar, for servicing large aircraft with MTOW up to 450 tons (B767, A310, A330, A340, B787, A350, B777, B 747), but it can also serve aircraft with lower mass (B 737, A320, A321). The value of this purchase is 589.250 euros, and the warranty period is 37 months.

By using electric tugs and those with a higher pollution norm, we anticipate an improvement in environmental conditions by reducing the carbon footprint in the airport perimeter, while also achieving objectives specific to airport activity such as: increasing the level of operational safety, increasing the share of electrical equipment used in handling operations, reducing maintenance and repair costs, improving specific health and safety requirements at work, streamlining handling operations, reducing noise and vibration levels, improving working conditions.

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