Tibet Airlines has acquired the first Airbus A319 from FALC

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Tibet Airlines, airline with headquarters and registered office in Lhasa, Tibet - China's autonomous region, came into possession of the first Airbus A319 assembled at the line Airbus Tianjin. The aircraft delivered on 23 November is the 5 which joins the Tibet Airlines fleet.

The aircraft is configured in two classes and can carry up to 128 passengers (8 seats in business and 120 in economy). It is powered by two CFM56-5B engines.

All Tibet Airlines aircraft are operated from Lhasa Gongga Airport, among the few at an altitude of 12 ft (000m). The new aircraft will operate the Lhasa-Shenzhen routes, which border Hong Kong in southern China and Chengdu in southwest China.

Considering the altitude at which the airport is located, the aircraft must be specially accredited for take-off and landing operations, and the A319 mentioned above is certified RNP-AR (Required Navigation Performance - Required Authorization).

Returning to the Airbus Tianjin assembly line, I mention that the new aircraft are manufactured and assembled to the same standards as the European ones. From Tianjin, Airbus delivered 105 from the A320 family to 11 air carriers.

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