Tihany, the wonderful land of lavender in Hungary

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In Hungary, on the shores of Lake Balaton, there is a town that turns purple in June, offering visitors experiences, products and festivals that celebrate this special fragrant plant.

The lavender bushes in Tihany have an intense, enveloping scent and create a fairy tale atmosphere. Thanks to its vast lavender fields, tourists love to visit this town to relax, walk in nature and take memorable photos with the Benedictine monastery that is the symbol of the place.

The summer months offer excellent opportunities to participate in the festivals that come to life with the blooming of lavender, visit the museums of the region and enjoy the products and gastronomic specialties of the Lake Balaton area.

It is interesting to know that lavender harvested in Tihany has a higher essential oil content than French lavender, for example, due to the unique geography of the Tihany peninsula, considered to be one of the sunniest places in Hungary.

Lavender Festival

This year, the Lavender Festival will take place between June 21-30. During this week, the fragrant plant is the undisputed star of the region, and visitors are invited to participate in lavender harvesting, themed events, exhibitions and guided tours.

The program includes observing distillation, learning about lavender cultivation and discovering the wide range of products made from this special flower.

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To promote well-being of body and mind, lavender oils and teas are often used to reduce stress or induce restful sleep. In terms of skin care, soaps are popular for their soothing effects, and other cosmetics such as lotions, face creams or shampoos offer users a proven calming effect.

Lavender can be found in various forms and in the city's many culinary offerings. The first to cultivate the plant centuries ago was the Benedictine Monastery located on this peninsula. Here, visitors can find and enjoy lavender coffee and cappuccino, cookies, purple lemonade and sparkling cocktails.

Year after year, Tihany proves to be an unforgettable destination for anyone who wants to explore the beauty and culture of Hungary. This picturesque town on the shores of Lake Balaton, with its lavender fields turning into a sea of ​​purple, offers a unique experience that remains in the memory of anyone privileged to explore Tihany.

And for those who want to learn more about the area, the Hungarian region hides unique attractions such as: the House of Paprika, where you can discover the tradition of processing the spice, the House of Lavender at the Visitor Center, the interactive tour 'Travel in the Time of Perfume' organized by the House Parfumului, the House of Porcelain Dolls, as well as numerous hiking trails or the option of a ferry ride on Lake Balaton.

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