Time-lapse: Boeing 777-300ER #Orangepride

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In the last days, KLM has come out with the presentation of the aircraft Boeing 777-300ER #Orangepride. B777 (PH-BVA) is the first KLM aircraft painted in a special livery, which combines the color of the Dutch orange with the traditional blue KLM. In the transition zone between the 2 colors, the flag of the Netherlands was introduced.

Below is a time-lapse made by KLM, which presents the dyeing process of the aircraft.

Boeing 777-300ER # Orangepride

Boeing-777ER 300-1-KLM-Orangepride

Touch & Go Boeing 777-300ER #Orangepride

For the new color scheme, KLM used 335 of liters of paint. The colors were applied in multiple, thin layers, requiring less paint. The new livery was applied in 4 days, using a team made up of 35 people. Other figures: 2000 of abrasive sponges used for sanding, 100 of cloths to remove dust.

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