Timisoara International Airport in 2020: 470.631 passengers, down 70.5%

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The year 2020, in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, felt in all fields of activity, meant for Timișoara International Airport a year of trials in the face of restrictions imposed globally.

Referring to the much lower traffic figures than in previous years, we can appreciate the fact that it was a year not only atypical, but also difficult for airport activity. Even in these conditions, the administration of Timisoara Airport continued to implement the development projects previously started.

Timisoara International Airport was transited by 470.631 passengers

Compared to the year 2019, in which Timisoara International Airport was transited by a number of NO passengers, in 2020 this number decreased by 70,5%, registering NUMBER of passengers.

Approximately 30% of the total number of passengers preferred the domestic flight to / from the destination Bucharest. The first five destinations chosen by most passengers were: Bucureşti (with 141.744 passengers), London (with 51.870 passengers), Milan Bergamo (with 36.947 passengers), Memmingen (with 28.862 passengers) and Munich (with 28.101 passengers).

In 2020, the period of operation of holiday charter flights was reduced to only three months: July, August and September. This, in addition to travel restrictions, was also one of the factors that led to a considerable decrease in the number of holiday charter flights, - by 75,3%, respectively the number of passengers for holiday flights - with 84,3%. More than 10.000 passengers flew to holiday destinations in Greece, Turkey and Egypt: Heraklion, Rhodes, Skiathos, Antalya, Hurghada.

During seven months, mainly in the second half of 2020, compared to the previous year, freight traffic increased monthly, between 1,6% and 17,3%. However, freight traffic decreased by 0,4% at the end of the year: from 5.167 tons in 2019 to 5.147 tons in 2020.

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