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In the spring of this year I stayed at stories with two cute and brave girls, the founders of the project It was a pleasant discussion, full of beautiful stories and after that I learned how to travel cheap and well :). Moreover, they have shown me that you can travel anytime and anyway, whether you are a girl or a boy. It is important to really want it.

Nice to tell you that was named the best travel blog at RoBlogFest 2012 and I congratulate the girls on their success. On this occasion, I decided to do a little interview with them, more to find out some secrets or tips useful to any traveler.

Girls, what does mean, what is the story around this project and who is the team behind the site? :) are two girls who have known each other for more than 20 years - Narcisa and Loredana. At first I beat the country long and wide, then I shyly crossed the borders and I had already gathered stories that I shared with my friends. The idea for the project came naturally, because we received questions from the left and the right about how we manage to be on the road all the time without spending a fortune on it. And we got to work. (More information about travelgirls)


I am surprised by your courage and I appreciate you very much. I noticed that you are traveling without stopping. How do you deal with time, money, physical resources? :) Do you travel together, separately, how does the job work for you?

Thank you for your appreciation. It is true that we are always on the road but from time to time we lock ourselves in the house for two days and sleep. This is because, most of the times, we make every departure a vacation as active as possible - in which we combine the sea, the mountain tours, a city break, a day at the spa or whatever we find on the spot.
Free time, or rather his absence, is the greatest enemy of a traveler. Holidays are never enough, so we have to juggle with each day off.

As for the budget allocated to each trip, I talked about it. We have enough and 300 euros for a full week in places that most find unapproachable.


How do you manage to travel cheap? I think there are many readers interested in this aspect. Did you find the secret formula?

It depends on everyone's expectations. There is no secret formula but if you consider a few things when planning a trip, you can avoid a lot of unnecessary and unnecessary expenses.
I think the secret lies in rigorous planning: accommodation, transport or wonderful places that are worth seeing and that do not involve any cost. It also depends on why everyone understands a vacation. If you leave only once a year and then you want to relax in a resort where everything is put on your tray and you don't have to do anything more than enjoy the services, then it is normal to pay for it. We are not like that. We, with the money that others spend on one vacation, see how many 4-5 countries a year and weekends do not catch us at home because we roam our country.

How do you manage to plan a walk, a vacation, a trip and get out so well? I know that you have recently been to France and that you have many secrets about this trip, I mean the organization :). What can you tell us?

First we buy air tickets - good months ahead. And when the journey is approaching, then we really get into the fever of preparations. We try not to forget any details and we are always looking for a plan B. This is because Murphy will always make sure everything doesn't work like the book. Or maybe you get to a place you love and want to stay longer. We visit more than the sites with tour guides, we read the sites in the local language (Google Translate is very helpful here), we ask the advice of those who have been there or of the locals and put on the sheet (TravelGirls file) all these details tight. For example, if we fly to a European capital, we look for some beautiful places outside of it, where the locals go on the weekend. We like to get out of the tourist route.

Now let's go back to the tasks that are of particular interest to us. I would like to know how you can handle airplanes, flights, flights, etc.? Do you feel emotional when traveling by plane?

Loredana: I really like to buy my plane tickets because that makes me dream of my next destination. But when I'm on the plane and getting ready to take off, let's just say I don't feel very comfortable. It's better, though, than a few years ago, when I had a phobia of airplanes and flights.

Narcisa: For me, flying is not very important, especially since I don't really have to stick my nose in the window and see beautiful places, as it happens when traveling by car or train. Therefore, you will see me sleeping on the plane or browsing the notes made for the destination.

Can you tell me about your experiences with the plane, beautiful and less beautiful things? Do you have preferences regarding airlines, airplanes etc?

Loredana: I have only flown three times but, of course, I prefer the airlines instead of the low-cost ones. All the flights have been fine so far, but I'm sure I'll never forget the first flight when I couldn't stop crying for an hour and a half.

Narcisa: Except for some turbulence during which my entire childhood passed through my eyes, I had no interesting experience during a flight. It is true that I didn't pay too much attention to this part of the trip until now, but since I learned about, I started to keep an eye on the services, the comfort and the attitude of the staff of the companies.

Do you have a favorite airline and why?

Loredana: For me it matters a lot to the crew and how they behave in the cabin and so far, all the experiences have been positive.

Narcisa: I like airlines that have no delays. Simple, right?

Considering that women are more demanding for their luggage, how do you handle it? :) What do you get in your luggage ?: D

Many times, we give up hold luggage to save more money. Therefore, we have learned to pack the necessary stuff, without anything useless. Of course, mountain tours and tent trips also contributed to this lesson. But do not imagine that we are going abroad without shingles, without even a dress or a few accessories, only that in time we have found out what our needs are and have learned to take with us exactly what is needed and nothing else. Thus, we manage to fly in the summer, for a week, only with a hand luggage.

What future plans do you have (with the project, planned or planned trips, etc.)?

Our plans involve many trips. If we had time for everything, it would be wonderful. There is no shortage of stories so is an endless source of experiences, advice and inspiration for our traveling companions who follow us. On 1 June we celebrate 1 year after launch and we have prepared some surprises. Keep an eye on us!

Since you started this adventure in the world of travel, has your life changed in any way? Family, friends what do they say and how do they support you?

Invariably we are asked every day when and where we leave, and when we return from our travels there is a museum to show them the thousands of pictures we take. For some of them, this motivated them to go to a travel agency or access a flight ticket site and choose the destination for a vacation.

Our families are proud of us and have already started asking us to take them with us on the road, abroad. And when you think you're not even admitted ...

What will be your next destination and how did you choose it? :)

Two weeks ago we took our tickets to Andalucia where we will go in October. But until then we will do the third tour of Romania with the backpack, we want to climb Moldoveanu and Musala (Bulgaria) and test some city breaks: Budapest, London, Paris, Vienna. The rest is nebula for us too.

What advice do you have for those who will read this interview, for those who want to follow in your footsteps? A special tip?

Don't think that your vacation or vacation is only once a year, and that you don't have to put money on the mattress for months. Any opportunity to go on the road - even close to home - should be taken advantage of. Where do you mean, there is always the low-cost option for high-class destinations. If you don't believe us, keep an eye on us.

A closing thought? :)

We want to read to you on the site that you went on a trip, inspired by

I thank the girls from for the interview and we will definitely stay in the stories, and I promise that I will make a trip inspired by their experiences.

I am still waiting for you here with stories and travel experiences from other "travelers", from whom we will try, at least a little, to "steal" impressions and tips for escapades as we wish.

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